Tuesday, April 24, 2012

clay and sieving

Mixing a sifted clay earth with water to make a ‘slip’, a smooth mix with a consistency similar to
 apple purée.  Straw is then soaked in the mixture and subsequently wrung out and used
 to fill gaps and holes in walls before the final surface is applied.

Clayey straw being prepared to fill the gaps.  It is then left to dry before the final surface is attached.

Home made ladders that will allow easy access from each bedroom into the loft space above.
The household can then choose how they use their space.

Installing the water pump and pressure balloon so that the recuperated rainwater can be used.
The gutters drain into six underground tanks that are capable of holding
30000 litres of water in total.

Bedroom ceilings nearing completion.  A coat of linseed oil is all that’s needed.

 Smart shelves in the loft space.  Eventually they will be backed with wood, but for the moment 
stapled blankets will suffice to provide visual seclusion.  
(I hope they leave the blankets too, as i think they look rather smart.)

Mealtime for those of you who don’t believe that it is possible to live in a building site!!

Finely cutting straw to go into the final coat of clay plaster, it helps bind the mixture and reduces the quantity of sand needed in the mix.

The strimmer does a great job in super quick time.  A bit dusty at times.

Sieving, you’ve got to love sieving if you’re going to build a house out of straw and clay.
The ingredients of every layer are sieved, thankfully most to a farily large grade, but the final layer is to 2mm.
That amounts  to bins and bins of sieved clay particles, sand and also straw.
I love sieving, really I do.


Anonymous said...

Let's hope the Big bad wolf doesn't come along......and huff and puff.......! Seriously.....it looks great....and good fun too! Keep enjoying mon ami! xx Moi

Anonymous said...

Looks like it's come on in leaps & bounds since even I was there?

Enjoy your last evening with Pierlo & Sandrine for a while, see you very soon Bro!

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I like this blog post

Anonymous said...

I hope that next year your blog is full of the same pics of lovely people helping make your new house

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