Tuesday, June 12, 2012

roast chicken on a string

 Light a small fire.
Find three lengths of wood and fashion a tripod using 
an old inner tube to hold it all together.
Run a length of string from the leg furthest from the fire to the top,
through a loop of string and down to the ground.  
Attach the string to the back leg through another piece of knotted inner tube.
 Wrap a roasting chicken horizontally and vertically with a length of copper wire.
Attach the wired chicken to a loop on the end of the string with a hook created from a 
short length of said wire.
Pull the string through the inner tube knot o the back leg of the tripod until the chicken 
is positioned several inches from the ground.
 Adjust the tripod so that the chicken hovers next to and not over the fire.
(the dripping fat then lands on the ground or in a pot rather than in the fire causing flare ups)
Spin the chicken on its string.
Construct a reflective windshield using recycled silver paper to reflect the heat
and protect the foul and fire from draughts.
 Keep the fire stoked and the chicken spinning until it is golden brown
and the juices run clear when speared with a knife.
Use the fire to cook other ingredients for your feast whilst the chicken is roasting.
When ready, unhook the chicken, detach the wire, carve and
feast on a treat well worth waiting for.

I did this with Simon back this spring whilst staying at the straw bale houses, it goes with Dicken's letter and is a wonderful reminder of how simple things are often the best.

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mmmmmmm!!! yummy!