Wednesday, October 23, 2013

after Barcelone

Where was I last?  Barcelona, that seems like an age ago, it probably is, come to think about it, the weeks fly by and the nights are drawing in again and I’ve moved on and on and on.

Joy and I crossed Spain with Percy at a speedy pace, managing to spend three nights with my brother before he headed back to England.  Our journey was enlightening, I had never seen much of Spain before, so it was all new.  We drove most of the first day avoiding motorways with tolls but on fairly fast dual carriage ways and got to Zaragoza mid afternoon, we stopped once en route to check out a crazy housing development and also took photos of the scenery as it flew by.  We booked into the campsite and then took a ride into town to see a few sites.  To the town centre was easy, Percy and I are getting more accustomed to city driving, the traffic, pedestrians and amazingly uninformative road signs that we had been warned about.  But where to park?  we circled the old town for a good hour, all the opportunities were height restricted and frequently underground, something I hadn’t really encountered before.  Further out, we discovered other car parks but all full and decidedly difficult to manouveur in .  We aborted our attempt to visit   returned to the camp site, cooked on board and checked out the plan for the following day.  Next time we’ll take the bus into town.

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