Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Zaragza to Madrid

municipal campsite with apartment blocks in the distance

the smartest shower blocks I've seen so far

vast, arid scenery

more vast, arid scenery

After some good going early on, we missed out a stop and continued into the capital.  Our roads had been dual carriage way, fast and straight but quite boring to drive.  Optimum speed 53mph for fuel consumption gave us plenty of time to enjoy the endless plains of central spain.  The landscape in late summer was very dry, flat (on a large scale) interspersed with deep, fairly steep sided valleys and gorges, the agriculture varied and lush in the low lying, moister areas and rough pasture, scrub land  and a bit of grain up high.  With us being so quick, we decided that a day in Madrid would be good so we booked into the campsite for two nights, I took a dip in the pool before relaxing in the warm evening air.

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