Wednesday, June 04, 2014

5 june 15:00 2014

Tomorrow is a big day.

My nomadic lifestyle comes to a close.  For a while anyway.  I don’t imagine that I shall never venture again, but not again for a while, right now.

I pay and sign for that lovely piece of land that I found all those months ago, that land I have been looking for, more or less seriously, for the last four years.  The land where numerous projects may start and end, hours of deliberating, of clearing, planting, building, laughing, cooking, sharing and sleeping.   The land that I plan to call home, the last time I lived in my home was in October 2006, (it seems like a thousand years ago now), when a very different person left to travel for a year to find focus, regroup and start over.  It’s taken a while, been the most amazing journey of discovery, amazement, wonderful people and places, revelations and realisations, courage to go on time and time again.  

Now I stop and start to think, it really has been a remarkable period of my life, a time for which I am very grateful.  How ever-so fortunate to have realised the funding, to have been unencumbered with dependents or relationships or other commitments to allow me the freedom to wander our planet.  There is still the vast majority of everywhere to see, I was curious, but not ever so.  It wasn’t the time to be cramming everything in, but a time to dwell, to take note and to follow intuition and instinct, for I knew not where the journey would lead me or mould me or teach me. But I let it take me anyway.

So tomorrow I arrive, for the time being anyway, at a new beginning.  The start of new projects and discoveries, with a plan well formulated yet still fluid in my head, some aims and objectives decided and others waiting in the wings for when the time is right.  

I feel good, no, great.  Excited and eager to get started, pretty well equipped from my years of HelpX volunteering to begin.  Confident that I am doing the right thing, for the here and the now, in the knowledge that life changes and there is no knowing what may be in store.  With good friends close by and further afield to turn to for support.  It’s going to be amazing, planning a site from scratch.  My garden, my house, my latest dreams and ambitions.   I will find the energy and determination when the going gets tough, and enjoy the achievements as they arrive, however large or small.  I will enjoy the process and share it with many others in the hope that some may even be inspired themselves.  I will take the time to relax and savour the down time too,  life is for living, there’s plenty of that to be done too.

So tomorrow at three I become the new owner.  I shall prepare a picnic and a bottle of fizz ready for the evening, I shall drive there and set up camp.  I don’t intend to do anything at all, just sit and contemplate and listen to the birds singing in the trees, get a feel for being there and enjoy the moment, in preparation for a big new start the following day.  

May the sun shine on you where ever you are, it’s going to be a wonderful day.


joy said...

Congratulations Sam . .so pleased for you . . . .will be sending the positive vibes to you at 2pm today which I think we are a hour behind France. . . . you've arrived!!!!! while I have enjoyed seeing and reading everything about other people's places now I get to see and hear about your own . .much love & hugs xxx joy

Anonymous said...

what a wonderful 'post'……..surely this must be the start of a book….we've said it for so long now!! :-)

I too will be joining Joy and sending you hugs thro the air….!

Send us a text when you are opening your fizz and Peter & ! shall do likewise and toast you!

Soooooooooo wonderful! xx

Anonymous said...

Let us know how it is all going, pictures etc. When can we visit (with small child!)? Congratulations on the journey and the arrival