Tuesday, June 17, 2014

ten days in....

ten days in and I find myself unexpectedly in an internet cafe, having read loads of comments on my last post asking how I am getting on, so a quick visual tour of things I have done and I shall write further now that I have charged my computer.  Life is rather basic, but very enjoyable here for the moment.

Strimmed everywhere just to get in

the veggie plot I dug this spring

cleared of weeds, the fruit bushes survived (to left)

with these, that I planted earlier

turned into this in a couple of days

from this

to this, an old pig shed
thrown in for nothing,  completely hidden with brambles
outdoor living


joy said...

Hi Sam . .you have been busy as usual. The entrance to your land looks very inviting . .what will you do with the old pig shed? and where will your home eventually be?? soooo excited for you . .love reading and seeing your progress . .picture of Percy gave me lovely memories of short time I travelled with you xx joy

Anonymous said...

It's all lookin GREAT BiggaBro!

I canny wait to get there & help you progress it!

You'd better have another chair by August!


Anonymous said...

All looking very exciting and knackering, keep us updates

Anonymous said...

sooooooo good to see it developing…..xxxxxx You have been busy veggie plot looking good…! And maybe a project for a Helpx'r in the car…..!! keep posting when you can and keep enjoying home xx