Thursday, July 03, 2014

Lou Rider in summer

Pierre, my friend from skiing, has become caretaker to Lou Rider for the new owners.  They plan to use the chalet as a second home, rather for accommodating guests and will only be there from time to time.  They came to an agreement that Pierre could live there and look after the place in return for a peppercorn rent, he jumped at the suggestion and is now comfortably installed.  He called to say that a quantity of furniture was being disposed of and was I interested in rescuing anything before it headed to the skip.  Of course, was the answer, so I spent an enjoyable yet damp couple of days in my old winter haunt of Espiaube, amongst vibrant green, flower filled, alpine pastures, catching up with Pierre, hiking the abandoned ski resort and enjoying the peace and quiet of off season mountain life,  I filled the van with bunk beds, mattresses, a table and benches and various other useful items in exchange for strimming around the chalet and moving a few items of furniture inside.  We celebrated our new abodes with a curry feast, in true chalet style, and I left content that my links with Lou Rider are not yet over.


Anonymous said...

… you just need the place to put them!! xxxxxx

Anonymous said...

PS….you still heading this way next weekend or has the lure of your own spot taken over xxxxx??????
xxxx Moi

joy said...

Great result for Pierre . .how wonderful to have such good fortune . . and for you as you are likely to visit . .as well as getting more stuff you can use in your new home. I see you are as usual getting on with it all . .it'll take time but you know you'll get there eventually and how lovely to see it all taking shape . .see you soonish?? much love xxx joy