Thursday, July 03, 2014

Getting on

There may be silence here for a while as there is no electricity, or phone connection, no WIFI  

Do nothing for the evening...... likely story.  When I arrived the weeds were between waist and shoulder high, so I set too, immediately, with the strimmer and cleared a driveway in, space to set up camp, paths around the site and to the fruit bushes that I had planted earlier in the year.  Only then did I crack open a bottle of fizz and celebrate, before collapsing into bed and sleeping very soundly.

It’s been non stop since then, clearing and trying to make sense of what order to do things in.  I thought as much before, but it’s blatantly obvious that living in a camper van isn’t as practical after a day clearing brush in the rain.  The challenge isn’t so much me, it’s keeping the van in some sort of order, having somewhere to put wet clothes to dry, to change and still keep the tiny living area clean and dry to relax and sleep in.  Rather like camping, life becomes a constant juggle of logistics on a miniature scale.  Fun, but not for the long term.  A temporary solution is necessary in the form of a wooden shed/chalet that I can use as a store, summer kitchen and workshop, whilst leaving Percy clear for leisure and a comfortable bed.  It’ll make a big difference not having to pack everything up every time I head out to shop or visit folk.

My early investigations suggested that there was a concrete base under the remains of the pig sties, so clearing that, along with planting the vegetable garden has been my priority for the last three weeks.  Unfortunately no concrete base, just a narrow path between the two sets of sties, but at least it’s clean and tidy now, plenty of reclaimed wood and tiles for reuse and a nursery bed for small plants that I am bound to acquire along the way.  

The veggie plot appears to be an immediate success, well, at least a good start, we’ll see how it progresses through the season.  All my tiny seedlings have been successfully transplanted, along with a carpet of vegetable sowings.  I took a suggestion from an interesting book I am reading on permaculture, that suggested that a variety of seeds should be sown across the area and as early crops are harvested, space is then left for longer maturing varieties.  Rather experimental and an exciting concept if it works.  I’ll keep you posted.

Percy is being kept busy in our new live 
a few whole tiles that I saved from the pig sty

my concrete path to no where

cleared and ready for a temporary home

my nearest neighbour, any ideas of a name?

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Anonymous said...

Looking and sounding good……you can customise the shed…..and then the postie can deliver things if you send an address!! xxx