Sunday, August 24, 2014

chalet/shed construction

tyre pillars and weed suppressant ready construction

my foundation platform nearing completion

creating a more comfortable toilet seat!!

getting things organised

lots of wood, no instructions

up it goes

right to the roof

discussing progress

me (with the hat on) and my bro

The cabin, chalet, shed, whatever it’s going to be called, progressed at an astounding rate.  We constructed my foundations then started on the huge parcels of wood that had been delivered.  The instructions were scant to say the least so we guessed and tested as we went.  Thankfully the engineering was brilliant.  The vast majority of parts fitted together without forcing, snugly and without difficulty, the planks were well finished and the walls went up like a dream.  We guessed with the door and window instillation, leaving me with a bit of post construction snagging, especially on the additional window opening for which there were no instructions whatsoever, but overall it was a great experience.  


Anonymous said...

It looks fab!! Was your Dad the site supervisor!!??
xx So good to see YOUR project after all those times seeing you help others with theirs xx
Moi xx

Anonymous said...

So jealous, we want to book to come next year to see it all.

Anonymous said...

hi you - great bit of blogging. not sure which is the best way to get in touch. Don has sent a message through facebook and I will do an email too but when you manage to get back on line at any point can you give me your French mobile again.

Gin x