Sunday, August 24, 2014

returning after a break

So much for a direct route back.  Once I arrived in France I received a text from a friend who was hosting a party the following weekend, someone that I like very much and who lives in a shared house full of wonderful people.  I made a detour and partied with them all and a whole lot more.   A weekend full of excitement, good food, dancing and wonderful conversations and exchanges.  This is the start of a new chapter, taking the time to do these things, the rest will happen, faster or slower than planned. but it will happen none the less but with more enjoyment along the way.

I arrived back in Vieuzos a few days later than planned in fine spirit.  The grass had grown, along with the weeds and, once I had found it, the veggie patch as well.  There were no tracks in the long grass so I presumed that the watering task that I had left my neighbour had not been too arduous.  I later discovered that he had visited only three or four times during the whole time that I had been away.  So much for hot summer sun, the weather was not at all normal and I had experienced much better during my time in the UK than they had seen here in this region of france!!

There were beans, cucumbers, spinach and various salad leaves to harvest right away.  Beetroot, cabbage, purple sprouting broccoli coming along nicely, along with various varieties of winter marrows and pumpkins all doing well.  The only obvious casualty was the tomatoes, all of which were suffering from blight to some extent.  As I write, a good two weeks on, they are all composting well.  I disposed of them as they were more harm than good.  The nasturtiums I had planted were taking over, so made great spicy additions to the salads, ant the nettles, strimmed a month before were ready to harvest again.

Yield had been the objective of my hurried planting and it had been achieved. 

veggie plot growing well

the nettles were back in force

new accommodation

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