Wednesday, January 14, 2015

a slow start to 2015

Where does the time go?

Partly to dealing with some sort of virus for a while, the rest of the time on the land, continuing, for the most part with brilliant weather, with various projects of which I still have to photograph.  

The virus was a special one, nothing particularly drastic, it just sapped me of energy for a good ten days, starting on New Years Eve.  I went to bed as 8:45 and woke up the following year!

I pottered about, thankfully at Heathers, doing a bit of research on line, various drawings for construction reference, reading reference books on lime plastering, electricity instillations, solar power and a fascinating architectural book on design considerations, though nothing specific or taxing as my mind wasn’t that keen on functioning much.

Heather’s hip operation was a success and she was home, recuperating, with frequent visitors popping in, I am always included when there is tea on offer and have increased the number of people I have met in the neighbourhood considerably.

One fine day I cut back the shrubs that I had planted last month and prepared several hundred cuttings.  It’s not the ideal time of year as I have no way of keeping them frost free, but better to try and have a few take, than not bother at all.  The soft friable soil on the floor of the ancient stable is ideal for rooting cuttings and as there is no longer a roof, they get well watered every time it rains.  Not that we have seen much rain at all this year.  So far the weather has tended to be mild, sunny and fairly calm, though we have had some decent overnight frosts.
work station for cuttings, with my great new rug that I sit on as it's so warm and snug

Elaeaguns x ebbingei cuttings,  I have my fingers crossed for these as it's the wrong time of year,
they won't get any warmth and will be outside through the worst of the winter. Good Luck.

a selection of seeds and cuttings ready to go into the plant nursery

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Anonymous said...

…laughing at you sitting on a rug to keep warm! xxx Moi
ps that bug hit here too…! x