Wednesday, January 14, 2015

tom's drone

A friend of Heathers, Tom, enthused about his recent new toy, a drone equipped with a camera, one afternoon whilst we were indulging in tea and cake.  It sounded fascinating.  

It's a little, remote controlled, battery powered helicopter with a range of several hundred metres and a top speed of around 30kmph with a still and video camera mounted on the undercarriage.  He didn’t take much encouraging and the following day returned with it and we spent a fascinating hour or so looking down on my plot from above.  Hopefully the videos upload and work as well as they do on my computer.  Here goes.


Anonymous said...

….did it crash after that? xx

samthegardener65 said...

no, I did. It took that long to upload at the end of the evening I had to go to bed. The other video footage is too long and I can't edit it down to an acceptable size either. xx

Anonymous said...

…I meant did the drone thing crash….cos clip was quite short :-) but see from your next posts that it didn't!! :-) xxxx Moi