Thursday, October 26, 2006

its all falling into place

the tickets are booked and this is the plan:

27 November 2006 London Gatwick to Christchurch New Zealand

travel and see the sights of New Zealand, splitting my time between hostels and work exchange locations where free food and lodgings are swapped for a few hours work a day.

This should allow me time to see the countryside and towns, meet other travellers and the locals and find out what life is like, be amazed by the countryside and the oceans, and wonder at all the strange and curious plants and beings of the land.

Christmas on the beach in the sunshine - i've never done that before.

I shall travel the south island first, then move northwards eventually arriving in Aukland, from where i shall depart.

28 February 2007 Aukland, New Zealand to Sydney, Australia

After much discussion, decided that it would be rude not to call in and see what australia was about.

Just in time for Mardi Gras celebrations in the big city.

Must also do all those well known sites - the opera house, sydney harbour bridge, bondi beach, sydney tower etc etc etc... watch this space to see what i discover. If city life gets to be too much, still have a couple of weeks to explore a small corner of outback, or travel up the coast, its all part of the adventure.

25 March 2007 Sydney, Australia to London Gatwick.

And then home and back to work for the beginning of April.

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Anonymous said...

Best of luck with the trip Sam - thinking of you - esp. when lugging around wet, heavy Christmas trees in the Devon pizzle!(3oo arrived today!!!) Keep yourself fit and strong for the Spring and B safe.
LOL Chris & Philly
PS. Do they have rice pudding in New Zealand???