Friday, November 03, 2006

Another busy week!!

(picture: Jenny, Giles and Me at Windys party)
Have been doing some major catching up with folk.

Saw my sister, Wendy, her husband Rob and daughter Poppy in Sheffield, had a great meal and took Poppy to a farm where we fed a whole variety of animals, Poppy is just 2, and was a bit aprehensive of the larger beasts but had a great time. It was great to spend time with them, though not long enough.

Then on to my little bro, Peter (aka Windy) who hosted an amazing party in his house in Nottingham. Fancy dress was the order of the day. I ended up in a 'devilled egg' costume the same as Windy's which confused most of the people there. Superb venue and sounds, brilliant fun, met and caught up with loads of his mates and some of mine. Hi to all of you, trust you are all well and truly recovered by now!!!

A flying visit to Emma n Steves' and their children Lily and Sam, who are lovely, and Kerry and her new(ish) boyf Simon came to dinner. Great to hear you are all doing so well and to see you are all looking so good. Will have to give you a hand with the garden another time.

Ikea Nottingham for a quick lunch and catch up with Chris Booker, who everyone remembers for his Mutant Ninjer Turtle outfit from a party years ago. Doing great, designing flippers, masks and goggles etc for Speedo. Will look out for your products on the beaches later on.

Now, the shock of some work.... a day strimming the grass in a churchyard. Gave me plenty of time to contimplate life and beyond. Don't think i want to be buried, it takes up too much room. Mebbe a cremation, a good send off party and a scattering of ashes overlooking my favourite beach, Bantham, in south devon. Sorry if you think i'm morbid, but i just thought it needed writing down.

Next day weeding, clearing and preparing borders for planting at Kent Fire Brigade HQ in the brilliant sunshine. Lovely. Hopefully will be back next week to help with the planting.

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