Wednesday, November 08, 2006

bonfire weekend

Photos : Me after the wine tasting, Tower bridge at night and fireworks on Blackheath
Wow, more meeting up with folk. Lorraine suggested we meet for a drink and then go to a wine tasting event in a vintners close to where she used to work. What an excellent idea, loads of wine for free. Turned out to be an excellent opportunity to taste some amazing red wines (we were too drunk to sensibly carry on and try the whites). The hosts, including one from Oz, discussed a whole range of tasty tipples from the Hunter Valley region of Australia, using their special vintner speak of terroir (soil) and precepitation (rain) etc.. and oodles of mad descriptive words to explain good, very good, expensive and ever so expensive products whilst wondering through the assembled throng sloshing out generous tasters to all.

We staggered from there, we being Lorraine, Pete, Gin and Don good skiing buddies of several years (sorry guys you'll have to go without me this year) to a very good Vietnamese restaurant for a good chat, catch up and meal and to slowly absorb some of the alcohol.

Stayed at Lorraine and Peters comfy pad overnight and went on a tour of the locale in the morning with Pete to rid ourselves of a hangover. It was sunny and there was a wonderful park and street market and canal, we sat and watched the world go by, slowly, and drank hot chocolate and coffee, I took my camera which i carried dutifully about and didn't remember to take any photographs at all. Although later in the day the hangover cleared.

Slowly crossed London during the afternoon by bus and train, doing a bit of holiday preparation shopping on the way.

Fireworks on the heath, Blackheath to be precise, that evening, with Tania. They were as amazing as always, i took my camera and did manage to take some photographs that were a bit shaky, hopefully you can see one of them here. Lots of OOhs and AAhs from the crowds and coughing from Tania, who had a cold, so we went home early and had an early night to see off all the germs.

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