Thursday, November 30, 2006

with wings

how long was that journey? it feels like i was travelling for at least a week. Three flights and two nights later i am here in Christchurch, New Zealand, and it all looks wonderful. Emirates was really good to fly with, plenty of food and 800 channels of inflight entertainment to choose from, so i wasn't bored for a minute.
The stopover in Dubai was an experience. The largest airport terminal you could ever imagine, sat on the side of the runways looking like a giant insect pupae, shimmering in grey and blue glass. with lines of Emirates planes down both sides. Inside, it took a good 20 minutes to walk from one end to the other and was crammed with people like a huge bazzar. The three hours passed by in no time.
Sydney was quiet by comparison and only for an hour. Got off the plain, walked round the corner, through passport control, upstairs and then almost straight back onto the same plane with the same seat!
Christchurch welcomed me with sunshine and warmth, and not a hint of jetlag. Booked into a backpacker hotel for $28 (ten pounds) for the night. Spent the afternoon checking out the town and imersed myself in the plants at the botanic gardens for much longer that i thought i would. Loads of familiar plants and lots of new ones too. There will be plenty to keep me busy here for a good few days.
Strangely, after 24hours here am only just starting to feel tired at the wrong time, guess the jetlag is starting to kick in so i think i need a bit of fresh air to keep me awake, even though it is pissing down with rain.
Another epic entry...I will try and write less, although there is so much to tell you. Once i get the hang of downloading photos in internet cafes it will get more pictoral again i promise.


joy said...

Hi Sam it's a knackering journey but you have survived it very well.Hope the rain has stopped . .otherwise it will be just like here . .rain and gales . .hopefully the sun has come out, you are picking beautiful flowers and meeting new people. Even though it would be usual not to see you for a few months the difference is tht now none of us can see you .. it is not as if I could suddenly decide to go to devon . .it's a bit more difficult to go to New Zealand. Hope all is well and the adventure is off to a good start. xxx joy

Anonymous said...

So glad you made it safely to the other side of our planet! Like Joy I feel it is weird that none of us will see you for ages! Take care, have fun and get working on the photo thingy!

xx Moi and Peter xx

Anonymous said...

Glad you're enjoying yourself - keep it up ! I'll keep checking yer blog to find out the latest.