Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year

have travelled south to Dunedin and have been here for 4 days now. It's 2 Jan 2007.
Hitched out from town to an albatross colony on the end of the peninsula here along a great coastal road. Watched the huge birds soaring overhead in the strong winds, next to the seagulls they were massive, though didnt go and see them sitting on their nests coz the whole place was packed with bus loads of visitors, thankfully as i'd have missed a small pod of Orka/killer whales passing close to the shore over the cliffs. Amazing to see them through the clear water and occasionally surfacing for air. Shame the seals were so quick out of the water else they'd have been snapped up for lunch. More seals on the penguin beach. Didn't wait for penguins at dusk as i might have got stranded without transport.

The Moeraki boulders were up the coast, got a lift from an Ozzie guy, Neil, who is working here. Huge stone spheres that are being washed out of the soft cliffs and sit on the beach being washed by the sea, wait for the photos....and a huge walk along a neverending beach until we'd had enough and then all the way back again.

new Years Eve in town was great, although on a much smaller scale than large towns in the UK. Cool bands on stage in the centre of the town and all the bars absolutely packed, great atmosphere and everyone really friendly.

Did the Speights, local brewery, tour on New Years Day just to make sure that i'd had enough to drink to celebrate the arrival of 2007. Fascinating tour with a free sampling of all their brews at then end which went down reall well after a day checking out the sights of the town, followed by a very chilled evening.

Happy New Year to you all.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sam,

Happy New Year.

I am still entirely envious of your trip. It looks fantastic, and i'm glad that you are enjoying yourself.

Lewis & Terri x

Anonymous said...

Very informative script Sam......
................................................But......................................Have you had a shag yet?