Friday, June 06, 2008

Hello Queensland

Made it this far, might as well continue on my adventures in Australia. Have just picked up an amazing loan from some good friends Irene and Roger that i have stayed with a couple of times in New Zealand. A camper van. Equipped with fridge, microwave, stove, kitchen sink, double bed and all the other bits and pieces needed for luxury van travel. Its not going to be used for a while so they asked if i could take it for a run to make sure it doesn't seize up. No problem at all, its great, goes like a dream and has just about everything i need to be self sufficient.

Spent most of the first day cleaning out the inside and getting rid of all the creepy crawlies and drove up the coast, out of town, for a while before stopping for the night. Don't ask me where it was, i can't remember the name, but the sound of the sea was great to go to sleep by and the dawn woke me early enough to enjoy a beautiful sunrise over the South Pacific Ocean. The local surfers arrived in their droves to catch a pre work wave or two so i sat on the sand dunes with a cup of tea and watched for a while before having an early swim, jog along the beach and some breakfast.

The plan is to head up the coast from Brisbane, where i started, to Cairns, taking in the sights and sounds of eastern Queensland on the way before returning the van to its home at the end of July. HelpX invitations are flooding in so i shan't be short of things to do when i want a breat from the travelling lark.


Anonymous said... out this gonna be a 'Priscilla' type adventure!?!?!?!?!?!
Have fun!!
Lots of Love
Moi & Peter

joy said...

It sounds as if you are just going with the flow . .good. . .not too much planning . . ditto luv to Priscilla . .if found . . .enjoy