Sunday, June 15, 2008

Redclaw Aquatica

What with a Public Holiday and the schools being out for the next week or so, i thought i'd get in an early helpX stop and avoid the crowds.

Have managed to get about 100km up the coast and have found a great place to help out for a while in the middle of the countryside, surrounded by forestry plantations and a huge chicken farm next door. The farm i am staying on grows redclaw crayfish, a freshwater variety, in large ponds.

There is plenty of landscaping work to be thought about, painting and decorating to be done, and hopefully harvesting crayfish when the time is right. Any day now i am told. It involves a lot of slopping about in the muddy bottom of a pond collecting the little critters, but i'll have a much better idea once it has actually happened.

There are plenty of things to do on days off. Steve Irwins' Australia Zoo is just up the road (in Australian terms!!) as are the Glass House Mountains, for a good tramp and a bit of climbing and the sea is just down the road.

Sorry, no photos as there is only a dial up connection and they would take hours to upload.


Anonymous said...

crayfish yum... now you need a mayonnaise farm... jac xxxx

Joy said...

from veg to fruit to fish . .whatever next as long as you are enjoying yourself . now have you met any nice Oz men to your taste?? xxxx joy

Anonymous said...

crete was awesome & chilled. the BIG walk was unforgettable, now i wanna talk to you about future plans, both business & social...missing my big bro...stay safe..i know u are

lil bro X