Friday, June 27, 2008

Sammy and Muller

No, its not the two guys on the sofa, its who they are feeding. Glen and Ray have a 55 acre farmstead that will soon be opening as a gay B&B, they needed some help sorting out the gardens as they are both working full time at the moment.

There is enough work to last several months, if not years, but with the help of Keiran, a work loving irish guy and Simon and Hugo, two french lads, we are cracking through our tasks at a rate of knots.

The beer is flowing and you can see the mobile butcher hard at work preparing sausages from the cow and pig that were slaughtered last week.

The little fellas being fed are two rescued babies, a 6 month old wallaby and a 9 month old kangaroo that were rescued from their roadkilled mothers. A constant 4 hourly task of feeding right through till they are about 18months old, not a task that can be entered into lightly, though, aparnetly once they are ready to leave they head off for a day or two at a time to start then eventually leave for good. I guess thatss a good job done, especially as they're so amusing to have about when they are so young.


Anonymous said...

Can you not smuggle one home? So cute shame they have to leave after 18 months (but that's boys for you...)

News here is that I am unexpectedly unemployed, which now I have got over the shock feels liberating. I am anticipating a few more weeks fof legal wrangles and job searches but am starting to think what if we did this differently....? Getting this perspective was helped by a week in Ibiza with the Anges (from which we have only just recovered..oh yes quite an eeeeexpeeeeience...) and a week down a Lower Mill which made us feel that life does now need to be very different. Not sure how yet, but confident we'll get there.

Am seriously considering packing my rucksack and coming over to join you for a couple of weeks at some point - so we should set up that call to catch-up. Sorry we haven't managed this yet its been a little mad here.

Anyway allotment is going well - we have just the right balance of sun and rain. London garden now looks prehistoric (it has more wildlife than lower mill - found a fox in the house the other day!) and am now thinking of tidying up ready for sale - if we can stomach the economic rollercoaster that is.

We are really starting to miss you now - its been ages. Glad to hear that you meeting good people and taking in some amazing places.

How much weight do I need to lose to fit in your van? Much love jac xxxx

samthegardener65 said...

Sorry to hear that you are without job, but excellent that you are going to visit for a couple of weeks. Minimum luggage coz there is no room for storage in the van but plenty of space for two to sleep comfortably, no weight loss necessary, no 'no life' diets here either!! Get a flight to Cairns and i'll see you at the scareport.

joy said...

ahh! wish I could . .but too expensive for me . .so glad I missed Ibiza .woldn't have managed more than one night clubbing . .if that and would have needed the rest of the week for peace and quiet. . .ditti Jacs . that you are having fun and meeting good people etc .any romances ?? xxx joy