Sunday, May 08, 2011

summer is here

A whirlwind week with helpers changing coming and going, the last week fo school holidays, lots of explaining and new accents to get used to, halfway through the weekend now and a full day ahead of me, think I will leave this blog writing lark till I am in a frame of mind.

I talked about Love Apple Farm last night and it has disturbed my calmness rather more than I had expected. I would so love to go live and work there so very much, but the longer I wait the less possible it seems. The other possibilities/alternatives keep waving at me and wanting decisions too, I am hanging on a thread between one and the others waiting for an answer. Only then can I head off to California or really start searching in earnest for that elusive piece of paradise that is not that far from here. A south facing plot of land with a barn or ruin to be worked on, view of the mountains, Toulouse not that far away, plenty of space for fruit and veggies, some chooks, rabbits and maybe a goat or sheep to keep the grass down. Beautiful weather in a country not that far from home where they properly stop for lunch and don’t go shopping on Sundays.

I could go on but there is a boot sale to look round and mountains to climb before the day is out. The sun is shining and not a cloud in the sky. Welcome to summer everyone.


Anonymous said...

...I am liking the sounds of all that....and it's easier to get to than California!
x Moi

joy said...

Hi Sam after all this time is Love Apple Farm more or less likely?? what are the odds for/against?? How thin is the thread? I am sure you are asking yourself these questions . .it sounds as if no matter how much you want to follow that path it may not be open to you . .so if so important you have to choose either to hang on the thread but give yourself a time limit to let it go . . or just let go. .. karma maybe. If you're ready for settling then do what feels right .. you make a success of everything you do as you are prepared to work hard for it . . why don't you buy a ticket for the euro lottery for the Tuesday draw which is about £85 million squids or whatever the equivalent is in euros . .all is chance when at a crossroads. wish I could wave a magic wand and all would be as you want . . much love joy xxx

Anonymous said...

Sam, Sam oh Sam - Joy too has a beautiful way with words and sense I share her sentiments. I picked up a little bit of the what next what if in December but was too wrapped up in here so I am sorry for that and very very much appreciate all the attention you gave to us. Is there any news at all as I know you were hoping initially Feb to May. I share Joy's sentiment of timescales perhaps now is the time to give yourself a deadline especially if opportunities are opening up for you! Take care and listen to those feelings.

lots of love G,D and Fergus X
PS Pete and Lorraine's wedding went well we all thought of you. They stayed with us this weekend too so all thinking of you

Anonymous said...

I can't believe they still haven't said yay or nay, it's crazy. Is there anything you can do to get an answer- like point out that they've taken about 2 years longer than they said they would?
Although on a selfish note France sounds good to us too as we can get to see you easily