Tuesday, September 25, 2012

apple juice

Apple juice is something that I have wondered about for ages, how is it made, what do you have to do to the apples before they are pressed and how much do you get for your harvest?  I expect that commercial presses are much more high tech, but for home use what we did here was superb.  Three decent baskets of windfalls, none too bruised, the wasp and bird eaten ones are fine so long as it remains fairly clean.  A fairly robust mincer a small multipurpose press and some sterilized bottles.

We shredded the apples

Tipped them into the press

Added the top of the press with additional blocks of wood to help maintain pressure

turned the screw threaded head until the juice started to flow

continued till winding until it was too difficult and there was no more juice to flow filling bottles as we went

Opened the press, chucked the pressed apple ‘cake’ onto the compost, hosed everything down and left it to dry in the sunshine.



Anonymous said...

......a side shot of you.......so we know you are still really there! hahahahah!

joy said...

Hi Sam you have had a busy and wonderfully eclectic couple of weeks since I last looked at your blog . .Photos beautiful as always . .and yes it is good to see you in a photo. Hope Windy's project in Portugal going well as you will see for yourself when you visit. xx joy