Sunday, September 23, 2012


The house was situated in a valley with a stream running through the garden, high above a huge rock face dominated the skyline, towering over the steep green valley like a wall, protecting the mountains from the flat plains of france on the other side.  

After our first morning or work we took off on foot to climb to the top.  There’s a village on the higher slopes then an almost impossibly steep climb round one rocky outcrop to reach the remains of the chateau of Roxfixade, an ancient Cathar outpost from back in the middle ages.  The chateau didn’t fall down, it was dismantled stone by stone and used to construct the village down below.  There is still plenty left, though I am not sure what would be said if I helped myself to a few rocks to start my foundations.

The walk was strenuous after our lunch and the view amazing, it took us a good couple of hours to reach the summit and just over half an hour on the run to get back down again.  Just in time for tea time.

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