Sunday, September 23, 2012

les jardins extrordinaire

And on again.  Back with Julien and Vivien in an area that we had planned to visit earlier in the season.  The Ariege, a mountainous region peppered with villages and small towns, beautiful wooded valleys and rocky outcrops.  An area once thriving with small industries, mines and farming communities to supply their needs, it has suffered from depopulation since the industrial revolution but is becoming a more popular destination for folk who are looking to live far from the rat race.  It was the first area that I visited when I ventured to france three years ago and it still appeals.  

Our hosts suggested that we catch up with them at a local event not far from their house.  We found the Jardins Extrordinaire which was hosting an artistic weekend with numerous instillations and artistic displays, one of which were Susan and Claude, who we were about to spend a week with.  Unfortunately we passed their circus location a little after they had finished, but the gardens were truly extraordinary.  Check out the photos, describing them could take an age.  I’ve gathered numerous new ideas for the future and we spent a very enjoyable afternoon exploring the site.  It never ceases to amaze me the ingenuity  and inventiveness of artists and the time invested in temporary instillations. 

We overnighted in the camping van and joined our hosts the following morning.

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