Tuesday, September 10, 2013

albi and on

Day 10

Croissants and hot chocolate, or was it crêpes and hot chocolate in the square followed by a mooch round the shops.  It appeared that the vast majority of shops contained things with cats on, we had an eager cat spotter with us, so much time was spent finding them all.  

We checked out the vast cathedral, abbey gardens, beautiful bridges before finding a dancing fountain.  It was hot and sunny and our little traveler needed to expend as much energy  as possible so that she would sleep for the majority of the next drive.  We had a great hour getting absolutely soaked, running about trying to dodge the water and generally having fun.

The plan worked, as usual.  Within ten minutes Alix was fast asleep.

I’ve got to go faster here, as the opportunities to blog are few and far between.  I have written the last few posts within a couple of days, far away from where you think I am and nearly a fortnight afterwards.

Carcassonne ramparts

more ramparts
jumping from post to post with Uncle Sam and Mummy Jac

the new four person version with tent and shaded dining area

almost the view from our pitch


So, for a few locations photos and a brief note, else I’ll be miles behind

Jacqueline, Tania’s partner was flying out to meet us in Carcassonne on a specific day, so we were now heading there at full speed to meet her.

From then on our campsites were pre-booked and for several days at a time.  It gets more and more difficult to move on, especially with tents to erect and pack away, more things to stow and secure, plus our aim was for Jacqueline to have a leisurely start to her two weeks holiday.

Carcassonne, a well preserved fortified town, we explored the ramparts, had a long lunch whilst waiting for a storm to pass over and headed to the campsite to check out the facilities.  It was set in the middle of amazing countryside with stupendous views, a great pool, fabulous restaurant and plenty of opportunities to relax or explore.  


Anonymous said...

...are you there for the fireworks this year??? Keep enjoying my friend...and say hi to the girls from me x Moi

samthegardener65 said...

no, too late for the fireworks. The girls are now gone (ten days after the event) and Joy is with me in Spain........... confusing I know. Hope all is good with you. Keep up the comments, love them. Love to you and Peter. xxxx