Tuesday, September 10, 2013

saint cirq lapoupie

Next stop, Albi, or so we thought when we set off.  Plans change, as well we know, this time a well known location kept popping up on the road signs so i suggested we go take a look.  St Cirq Lapoupie was somewhere that folk had mentioned that I should visit ever since I first visited France, it wasn’t far, so I just had to explore.  It was worth every minute of diversion.  The road hugged the cliffs that bordered the river, passing under numerous tunnels along the way.  We should have counted them, just for the fun, but it was too late when we thought of that.  An ancient town, perched high up on the cliffs overlooking the valley on a strategic bend.  Almost completely unspoiled by modern additions, save touristy shops and restaurants that keep the town alive.  We parked up and explored in the evening sunshine, climbing to the highest point in the town to enjoy spectacular views of the river, surrounding countryside and rooftops of the cliff hugging village just below.

Darkness fell whilst we were eating and we made a cautious decent to the campsite at the foot of the cliffs.  Parked up by an extremely tall field of maize that made Percy feel even smaller than usual against the other motor homes and went to sleep wondering what we’d find in the morning.

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