Sunday, September 15, 2013

the coast

Our descent from the hills to the mediterranean coast was stunning, Charmin Garmin our sat nav unit took us cross country through amazing scenery, along tortuous, narrow, winding roads, past rock escarpments, up and down steep sided valleys down onto the coastal plains.  We stopped to check out a Cathar castle and have some lunch before arriving in Argeles sur Mer late afternoon.

Argeles wasn’t at all what I was expecting, I had visited Collioure in the past, the next town down the coast and was hoping for something similar.  How wrong could I have been.    (several paragraphs deleted here)

The positives were that the campsite was well equipped with a great pool complex that kept us well occupied, we had good friendly neighbours and we hadn’t actually booked a week, so we stayed two days before packing up  and heading on down the coast.  It was such a traumatic experience for Jacqueline that even a drive through Collioure couldn’t sway her to stay in France and we headed south into Spain.  Charmin Garmin did his thing as ever and directed us all the way to a campsite in Sitges the seaside town where we were to stay for the next ten days.  He did take us off the major route around Barcelona to give us a sneak taster of what rush hour traffic on one of the major arterial routes was like.  I took a deep breath, followed his instructions and came out the other side none the worse for wear.  I sure am getting used to van driving in foreign countries.

(no photos, very slow internet connection)


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