Thursday, September 25, 2014

possibility of electricity

I am still without electricity or phone, so communication with the outside world is by mobile phone or the occasional email flurry when I visit somewhere with internet access or send time at the local cafe, which isn’t often.

A representative from ERDF, the company that deals with the supply of electricity came to measure up for a quote to prepare for connection last week.  He wasn’t that impressed with what his colleagues had done, as their positioning of a new post to carry the cables for next door has not been put in a place that makes it easy for my property to be reconnected even though it was supplied before the work was done.  Unfortunately that means that I now have to go through the whole process of instillation.  ERDF install a supply junction box, I then request an electricity selling company to sell me power, they then decide which connection I need, depending on requirements and install a meter in a box next to the supply junction box.  I then probably have to pay someone else to connect the two together, although I won’t be allowed to do so until all my instillations have been checked and verified correct and to standard.  It may well take some time.  In the mean time I think I may well be investing in a solar panel, battery and inverter so that I can charge my drill and computer without visiting the neighbours for favours constantly.

Insulation of the cabin roof was a fairly simple yet extremely dusty and itchy affair.  Pierre helped me and we got it done in two half days, for the rest of his short visit we cut down trees and started my log pile.  Since then, with my new metal strimmer blade, I have made inroads into several bramble thickets in preparation for autumn fruit tree planting, moved all my affairs into the cabin from the tent and most of the items stored down the road at Sue and Leafs’, taken down the tent, built shelves and gotten myself nicely settled in.  I needed to secure everything a bit more, mainly against bad weather rather than anything else as I have not been on site for the last couple of weeks.

My camera is sulking and refuses to take photos for now, so you’ll have to do with text only posts till I work out what is wrong.......

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