Thursday, September 25, 2014

well, let's have a look

The last task I did with Peter and Dad before dropping them at the airport  was to open the well for the first time, just to see what it was all about.  The top was enormously heavy, I was glad to have waited for help, there was no blast of icy air or calls for help from below, just a dark hole.  As we peered into the darkness a tiny circle of light appeared way down below us. it was the reflection of light on the water, miles away.  I fetched a tin cup and lowered it down on my thirty metre tape, hoping to be able to capture a drop or two of water.  The tape unrolled and unrolled till nearly the end, I checked to see that it was well attached to the reel as I didn’t fancy loosing it, then carried on letting out more.  Eventually it stopped and the sound of mug hitting water echoed up the eery darkness to our expectant ears.  Twenty nine metres and seventy centimetres to the water.  I had no more tape to go deeper so we brought the cup to the surface to see what we had caught.  Just a little water, crystal clear and without odor.  Dad and I tasted it and decided it was fine.  I will, of course, get it tested before I drink any quantity, but it was good to see and know this much.  Time was pressing on, so we closed the top without further investigation and headed off to the airport.
is that a look of surprise or.......

MMmmm, that looks deep

29.7m to the surface of the water.  That's gonna need some pump.

one solid well cover

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