Thursday, September 25, 2014

roundhouse straw bale walling

No, not another holiday trip, though it has been quite a change of scenery.  I have been helping my friend Matty with his roundhouse.  It’s already something rather special and is going to be stunning when finished.  He has built it all by hand, mostly on his own, with the help of a few knowledgeable friends and that is where I come in.  He asked me, a month or so ago, if I’d be available to give him a hand with placing the bale walls.  I jumped at the opportunity to learn more as it will stand me in good stead for my own construction project and it’s always good to give someone a hand when possible.

Hence, for the last ten days we’ve been flat out preparing for and building the walls to his roundhouse, I think the photos explain most of what we’ve been doing, though not life around where we are building.... read the next post
Matty arriving with the first of many bales

foundation wall and baseplate for straw bale walls

spikes to hold bales in position next to doorway

second row of bales in position, window frames installed

hand made window frames

view from outside through one of the windows to the domed rooflight 

straw bale walls from the inside

initial straw bale work completed.  what a team


Anonymous said...

loving that round house……..maybe something for the future for your place….guest accommodation perhaps!! you have been busy and its great to see some photos…..keep smiling my friend….xxx Moi, Peter & Maggie says woof! xxxx

Anonymous said...

Really want to see cabin photos so we can see where you are. Bummer about the leccy, hope it is all straight forward in the end.
Any chance you'll be visiting Lunnon this autumn? Would love to see you

joy said...

Hi Sam as Moi says you have been busy . .and more than busy. Good to see all the progress you are making with your own land and wonderful to see Matty's round house evlve . . pretty impressive all round . . take care xx joy