Friday, December 06, 2013

cabin in the mountains

I had a day before heading off, so Pierre and I made the most of the following afternoon and headed up the mountain to enjoy the scenery.  We went on snow shoes, giant, tennis racket type contraptions that strapped to your hiking boots to stop you sinking too far into the snow.  THey took a little getting used to, big high steps over the snow in front, with feet a bit wider than normal to allow the rackets to pass one another without catching.  We were thankful that there were already tracks to follow as walking across deep snow for the first time was exceedingly energetic.

Pierre had a plan in mind.  His landlord owns an old barn in the mountains that he is renovating.  We had talked about visiting for a while but never had the opportunity. He thought that it might be inspirational for my much discussed project, a tiny space, basically furnished, with all the necessary mod cons for living.  He wasn’t wrong, though Felix still has some way to go before the barn is finished.  

We got there in good time,  two hours instead of the three that his neighbours had suggested, though we did go at a fair pace all the way.  Just as well really, as the weather was coming in again and grey clouds loomed over the adjacent peaks.  That didn’t stop us having a good nose inside, though it was challenging to see that much after the brightness of the sun drenched snowy landscape outside.  I loved the solid basic stairs and the double use lift top bench, storage seat, it’ll be tin lined to keep the mountain critters out, else they’ll eat the food or nest in the blankets and shred any clothing.  The table had bark covered legs to match the counter top support and another long curved freestanding bench allowed a probable five to sit the same distance from the open fire.  

We didn’t stay long enough to light the fire, we just took a couple of swigs of wine to fortify us for the twilight descent down into the village.  Just as well, as that cloud kept on coming and it was almost too dark to see until we rounded the corner into the street lit glow of civilisation.  Inspired, invigorated  and set for the next chapter.

fancy effects from having a frosty lens

me and Pierre 

that much snow and it's not even December yet

our destination

we only just got in


joy said...

nice to see a picture of Pierre . .where r u off to now?? xx joy

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