Friday, December 13, 2013

planting a hedge

The idea was to give planting a little go on Sunday and then go for it on Monday, as the forecast was for better weather.  Sunday turned out to be fine and between the three of us, made short work of planting a good half of the boundary.  I dug the holes, one every metre, Vanessa added a spade of compost and worked out which species went where, there were twelve or so varieties to plant in some sort of random mix with tree at regular intervals down the line, and Lisa followed on afterwards, planting each plant in its allocated hole.  It was cold but the sun shone, the soil was just about dry enough to work and we were doing what we had planned to do.  We continued with help from several friends of the girls who popped by to lend a hand and got the whole boundary done in a couple of days.

bundles of plants awaiting planting

soaking the roots in the bucket and adding compost to the soil

Lisa and Vanessa the Lady Landowners

it's started

a fair way gone

but further to go

proper deep holes for each one

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