Friday, December 13, 2013

more land?

Having Percy is great, I can just head off for the day and do as I please, without begging or, borrowing a car or trying to work out how to get to the middle of nowhere with public transport.  I visited another couple of agencies, one of which had nothing and the other that showed me a possible three plots.  We went, another day, to visit them, though nothing so far rates nearly as highly as the plot with the ruins and the old oak trees.

not bad, facing SSE, with a stream passing one side, sloping

looking back up the plot.  Half the field only

a NO even before I got out of the car

another NO.  3Ha with a tiny building plot 300 m away in the village

I visited the town hall in the village where my favourite bit of land is to ascertain how certain it was that planning permission would be granted, the lady mayor was great but couldn’t give me a definitive answer but directed me to the local planning office and hour and a half away.  I headed there after making a phone call to make sure that there would be someone to see me.  I arrived and the person wasn’t there after all.  The receptionist made me an appointment for early the following morning so I stayed over in Percy, saving myself a ‘there and back’ for nothing and got to check out the heating properly for the first time.  Temperatures got down to minus seven overnight but I stayed snug and warm, bothered only by the hum of the fan blowing warm air into the van.  

The visit was worthwhile.  The planning officer could see absolutely no reason why any but the most unimaginable of plans be passed for this plot of land.  I can rest easy now, with no concerns to do with planning.  He even told me where to go to get free advice on design and how to present the plans without using an architect.  Now I need to make the next steps.

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