Friday, August 14, 2009

checking things out

The young girl in the tourist office asked me what I wanted to see in the town. She had already circled all the museums, churches, cathedrals, yes, two of them, and other interesting old buildings in the city, before she had asked the question. Any gardens? I asked, hoping that there may be a chateau or large residence on the outskirts with a fountain or two, and some great picture-book display of aristocratic grandeur. She paused, momentarily, chose a different colour of biro, and added another selection of circles to the town centre plan. Very good japanese gardens.... the parc de plantes, lots to see there..... garden with bandstand, very beautiful..... and a double circle for the museum of natural history, it had already been included in the previous bout of circles. Anything else? The space centre flier had caught my eye, but I had already decided that there was more than enough to keep me occupied for my stay in town, so I thanked her for all the help and information that she had provided and went outside to find a bench in the shade and make a plan for the day.

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