Friday, August 14, 2009

cite de l'espace

It got me on the third day. I had seen a great deal of things in the city centre and fancied a trip out. A metro train and bus ride later, arrived amongst an amazing collection of rockets, satellites and space ships at the european space museum. Toulouse is big on space I have discovered, fabricating many of the items that we as europeans have sent into space.

A large, and very informative museum enthused about all things space and how much the world had advanced since the first missions into the sky. Telecommunications, climatology, crop monitoring, space travel, black holes, deep space and more. Displays of space clothing, food that the astronauts ate through the ages, moon rock.............

I should have arrived earlier, as the afternoon passed by in a flash and I left with the last stragglers having absorbed as much as I could in french in a day.

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