Sunday, August 09, 2009

the gauls

Maylise asked me if i knew what gauloise was, I said they were cigarettes, they are, but more properly, the ancestors of France, the gauls!! Oops. Anyway, she had been out with the hosts for the evening and had seen signs to a museum last night, on their way back from a concert (I had slept again, trying to shake off a cold) that looked as if it could be interesting. A replica gauloise village, it was pretty impressive, with smokehouse, carpenters, blacksmith, coinmaker, weaver, clothmaker, potter, bronze cast maker........... all in their low steeply pitched thatched barns, complete with sleeping quarters in each and most with live demonstrations which was excellent and completely in french. It is getting a little bit easier to understand. More reminders of Maori, the shapes of the buildings and their uses, though out of very different materials and a complete lack of metal down under, more stone though. Some interesting similarities and a fascinating visit.

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