Sunday, August 09, 2009

No visa ..... yet

News, at last. Though not the good news that I have been waiting for all this time. US Homeland Security has turned down the visa application, although with the invitation to appeal the decision. I am not entirely sure how this works, or what difference it can make, but Cynthia, the owner of Love Apple Farm has to put in the effort and has decided that, for the additional investment, it is worth pursuing.

It is great to know that there is still the opportunity to go, but after nearly a year of considering, working towards, and a lot of waiting, I shall be glad to know one way or the other whether or not I am going to return to the farm. It is strange to be in this vacuum of indecision, especially when it is completely out of my control. If the result is positive, my life has direction for the next three, possibly six, years. If not, I then have to decide what route to take. Until that time arrives there seems little point in expending huge amounts of energy in planning and arranging what I am going to do. Life continues with only short term considerations and decisions to be made.

There are plenty of ideas being mulled over, and opportunities arising as I travel around France. A very interesting offer of setting up a vegetable garden for a local restaurant here in the Pyrenees, although the downside is challenging mountain terrain and a remote mountain location. Fun to think about, but definitely not something I would consider long term. I have plenty of other ideas, some mere fantasy and other options that would be quite achievable with a bit of effort and some determination. All to do with plants, and, as time goes by, more specifically to do with vegetables and food production in one way or another. May be doing, teaching, or educating, in association with others or independently. Only time will reveal what shall actually happen.

Until then, life continues apace, searching out new opportunities and experiencing new things. Scottish dancing last night, in a small village hall with a group of expats and some french locals, something completely new, immense fun and great to meet more people.


Anonymous said...

What a bummer! But good to hear you have thoughts a plenty...and aren't getting downhearted..BUG HUG!!
xx Moi & Peter

joy said...

HI Sam

Sorry news was not good but there is always the appeal .. so that will all happen. Glad you are learning we can't control everything . and good to hear you are going with the flow re what happens next . .you are so skilled in so many areas you will be able to spot the opportunities that come your way and if something feels right and has the right vibe then go for it. Loved the sunflowers . they are the cheeriest of summer plants. Have the girls sent you any pictures of Alix . . I can't wait to meet her this weekend and see yummy mummy Tania and Jacs. it was their 2nd wedding anniversary on 11th and I know they feel they already have the best pressie ever for them with their darling daughter. take care xx joy