Thursday, August 20, 2009

Fraud Alert


I have not been robbed, I need no money and all is OK here.

If you wonder what this is about, you didn't get the strange email that I appeared to send.

Someone has broken into my Yahoo account and tried to fool people into sending me money. I don't want it thankyou.

I wlll blog again soon.

Don't worry.



Anonymous said...


Irene & Georg said...

Hey Sam,

Well, we finally arrived in Austria and enjoy the time with the family and friends. We are happy that you are fine and also hope that the guys in santa cruz are ok. We are a little bit lazzy with our blog but we will finish it in a few days.

Wish you all the best in the mountains and also with your visa,

Yours Georg and Irene

joy said...

I did look at that fake email . .clearly not written by your good self.Toulouse looks a fine place . .what a lot of work for a roundabout . .but great. Are you back on the helpx now?? Whre to noe my dear?
xx joy