Thursday, January 04, 2007

and the Snowy bits


Anonymous said...

those snowy mountain peaks, the wildlife, the fresh air, wow!
if only we could get down to the nitty gritty...have u copped off wiv any locals surf dudes yet?
i continue to search for work, and meantime, am enjoying being the naughtiest lil bro you ever did have!!
whatever u do, don't get anything chafed!

big gay love

lil bro XX

Anonymous said...

happy new year again gorgeous. the photos look amazing - call me telepathic but the snow and penguins must mean you are heading south - is that the plan? great to hear your voice on new years eve - felt a bit sad once you had gone all of us here and you over there...

still we get the rain and the hangovers and you get the exhileration of the being at the end of the earth.

have you see any hobbits yet? they'll be wanting their ring back.

love you jac x

Anonymous said...

Isn't Shania Twain some dodgy singer?