Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Inland to Wanaka

Have come travelled inland, through fields of cows and sheep, along the coast and then inland, rising up through hills following a wide valley with large swirling river, passed huge hydro electric dams and huge mountains. The fields now have llamas and deer and the views into the distance are of snowcapped mountains over vineyards and miles and miles of fruit trees. The cherries are ready and the apricots plums and nectarines will start to follow soon. The sun is shining and it feels like a new adventure over again.

Have taken up the offer of accomodation with Nikki, a friend of my previous hosts, who has a home on in the lakeside town of Wanaka., An excellent base for a huge variety of outdoor persuits and close to the ski fields for the winter. It looks awesome and i've hardly started to explore yet.

have to see if i can get my camera fixed - the screen is cracked and no longer shows the pictures i am taking, buy sunscreen and a pair of shades at last......


Anonymous said...

It is great to hear of your adventures so far....and see the photos too! You look so chilled on those boulders Sam! Will we ever see you on this side of our planet again I wonder! Take good care of you! Happy New Year from Peter and Me! xx

joy said...

Hi Sam it all looks amazing . .such a beautiful place . .photos excellent so hope you get the camera fixed . .what did you bash it against? Lovely talking to you . .albeit briefly on New years. We set off the rest of your fireworks and I brought some more. get your shorts on if summer has arrived . . and enjoy . .and yes what about the men?? much love xx