Wednesday, January 10, 2007

how long is a piece or string (well elastic actually)?

i guess it depends on how heavy you are really, but from the bridge, just long enough when fully stretched for me to dip my hands in the water, before bouncing back up so far i thought i was going to hit the bridge again.

it was the most incredible thing to do, exhilarating beyond belief, so much so that i went and did another one in the afternoon, that was quite a different experience and much more enjoyable, with a harness round my waist rather than my feet, could take a running jump and somersault out of the launch site before plunging towards the trees and rocks below, wow.

there is another much higher option from a cable car down into a ravine with an 8 second freefall that feels rather tempting at this moment in time, will sleep on it and see how i feel in the morning......


Tom Bailey said...

This is incredible stuff here. This is my first vist to your blog.

Anonymous said...

Love from Moira xx

Anonymous said...

Sam you are amazing or as Moira says totally nuts to even want to do this .. but hey apparently lots of people do. I wonder how it all started?? well done. You thought you might want to do lots. the slides at the waterpark won't be so thrilling now!!

joy xx