Saturday, January 27, 2007

crazy auckland

i have found some more crazy things to do.......

went up the sky tower in a lift, and came back down in a lift, even though there is a freefall option, suspended from a couple of wires. The views from the top were amazing, as was the glass floor, which seemed to be troubling quite a few people. No, it wasn't all glass, just some small areas.

Took a tour round the harbour on a Fullers Ferry. they point out all the interesting things like the greenpeace ship, really old buildings from 150 or so years ago, a sugar factory that was originally a brick works, built by prisoners, who also constructed the first freshwater dam to supply the town with water and consiquently were the first inhabitants to have flush toilets in the whole of New Zealand. Loads of other things - i could bore you stupid on this one..... a mini Devonport, several volcanic cones sticking up through the suburbs or out of the sea.

Climbed to the very top of Auckland harbour Bridge, with a guide and some safety ropes, wow, excellent views across the harbour and of the city, could see right through the mesh floor to the road and the harbour waters below, you wouldn't want to drop anything over the edge... apart from if its tied on to a bungy, which i did and have on a dvd.

Eating really well and very cheaply here, a big overseas population caters for all tastes, and have found several places local to the backpackers where i can get a huge meal for under $10, about pounds 3.50, usually chinese/oriental style food, real yummy, so i'm not going hungry. Gotta go, its dinner time


Anonymous said...

...but do they have Vitalite tubs??? xx

joy said...

doing auckland bridge will give you practice for Sydney Harbour Bridge . .when you get there . . .it all seems to be going really fast . .is that how it seems to you.tempest fugit etc
xx joy

Anonymous said...

Way hay for Fullers ferry, did you think of us? It all sounds fab, very jealous.
Alex and Simon