Wednesday, January 10, 2007

ben lomond

Still couldn't be sure that i wanted to do the huge nevis bungy, so went for a walk up the hill behind the hostel yesterday. it was a bit more of a walk than i had planned, the challenging 4hour slog to the top of ben lomond and the panoramic views made it well worth while.

It felt like much more of an achievement than leaping off a cable car attached to a rubber band, i am quite glad that the opportunity to get the jump for a discounted rate has now expired.

My legs are killing me today, and the thought of being adventurous is not appealing today. Mebbe it was the copious amounts of alcohol last night that have remdered me less than enthusiastic. I think a chilled day at the Last Resort backpackers, the most enjoyable hostel i have stayed in yet, is in order.

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joy said...

Ah the adenaline had worn off then!! joy xx